Open library spaces are divided for users:

  • Academy upstairs; academy cadets have access to printing, restrooms, reserved rooms, and fiction books located downstairs.  
  • College downstairs; college cadets and students have access to non-fiction books located upstairs.

Library rooms are reservable by faculty and staff for class and group meetings. To reserve a space, please fill out our form. 

  • Classroom (traditional classroom setup [max. 22 students] with instructor PC and SmartBoard)
  • Computer Lab (14 PC stations, and an additional 5 empty stations for laptop users; with instructor PC and SmartBoard)
    • NOTE: the computer lab is not reservable during evening study hall; and information literacy sessions take priority over class workdays on computers
  • Moore, Stein, & Weller Navy Room (conference room set up – 1 long table [max. 12-15 students])
  • Washington Group Meeting Room (made available by the Class of ’54) (group study set up – 4 round tables seating 4-5 each [max. 16-20 students]) 

Preview our reservation calendar before submitting the form to see about availability! Simply use the dropdown to choose the room you’d like to reserve.