There are more cadets than computers available. Cadets with personal laptops are encouraged to bring them to the library. When the library’s computer lab is not in use by a class, it is open for cadets to use. There are several computers in open areas of the library for use by cadets whose personal machines are temporarily out of service.

Computer Policies:

  • All VFMAC computing policies apply.
  • No food or drink is permitted in computer areas except for water in covered containers.
  • When using audio, headphones must be worn.
  • Computer use is intended for academic purposes.
  • No social media or video games.
    • If there are no open computers and cadets are found to be using social media or video games they will be asked to forfeit the use of the machine for a cadet needing to complete academic work.

Printing: Click here for NEW Updated Printing Instructions for Spring 2021.

Black and white printing is provided free of charge. Color printing is not available.

Copying and Scanning: Copying and scanning are provided free of charge. Individual users assume responsibility for abiding by copyright law.