Printing from your personal laptop/desktop/mobile device:

  • Navigate to on your device in your web browser (Safari on Apple iOS Phones)
  • Follow the device-specific instructions on the webpage
  • Either on installation (or at the first print job on your device), you’ll be prompted for the following (one-time) information to finish setup:
  • When prompted to select a Print Queue:
    • If you are a Cadet, select Cadet_Secure_Print
    • If you are Faculty/Staff, select Faculty_Secure_Print
  • When prompted for credentials:
    • Use your Cadet or VFMAC username and password (without the @vfmac.edu or @cadet.vfmac.edu suffix)

(Once this one-time setup is complete, you won’t need to reenter it again.)

  • When you would like to print:
    • Print to the Cadet_Secure_Print printer (if you are a Cadet)
    • Print to the Faculty_Secure_Print printer (if you are Faculty/Staff)

You may release your print job at any of the new printers on campus by scanning your ID badge, or by entering your VFMAC username and password.

Printing from Campus “CadetNet” Computers

Click here for instructions on printing from CadetNet.